Saturday, November 23, 2013


So it's about time I talked a bit about my compañera Hermana Washburn.  

Fun facts:

  • -19 years old (birthday was in October)
  • -just graduated from high school
  • -blonde
  • -played tennis and soccer
  • -from Idaho
  • -is an identical twin
  • -unconsciously makes the best facial expressions when she's confused.

So let's expound on this list.  She's and identical twin and it just so happened that her twin entered the MTC the same day as her!  She's also going to Mexico for her mission so she stays at the West Campus MTC too.  Several times a day we pass her and the two sisters run into a giant hug.  It's pretty cool.  Best part is that Elders from her sister's district/zone will pass us and say "Hi" thinking they know her... but we've never met them before.  It's the simple awkward moments in life that make me smile.

I've realized that I play the mother role in not only our companionship but as well with the other hermanas in our district.  They are all 19 and never lived away from home before so they can get pretty homesick from time to time.  Since I'm a heartless girl and don't get homesick, I have taken the responsibility to make them all laugh and enjoy their time here.  Basically I do what I have always done through life and make myself look/sound like an idiot in order to make others smile.  Viva la Tack remember?  I don't mind though, it seems to work anyways.  Not only do these girls occasionally get homesick, but I've had to teach them how to wash their own laundry and other such odds and ends.  Yesterday, after one girl spent quite sometime in the bathroom, she finally poked her head out and said, "Um, just in case you guys were wondering, the toilette is overflowing... like, a lot."  I walked in the bathroom to help and discovered the floor had magically transformed into a small pond.  Standing one foot in the pond and the other braced on the bathtub I had to put all my body weight into the plunger.  Over and over again.  It put up quite a fight.  Each time the plunger came out, more water spilled out, but I won in the end.  Mother Lance to the rescue!  I just hope I can teach these girls enough before we separate and I have to send them out to Mexico on their own.  I'll forever have them in my prayers and hope that they never come across any clogged toilets. 

I love Hermana Washburn.  She's very sweet and we understand each other.  There have been a few occasions when we've said the same thing at the same time or finished each other's sentences.  Super cute right?  We work well together when planing lessons for teacher investigators although we often get sidetracked talking to the Elders...something we're working on.  I've managed to pick up the Spanish language a bit easier than she has so I've been able to help understand it better one on one.  Even though I am senior companion, we always check with each other to make sure we don't step on any toes and are happy with our plans.  We've never had any problems and are perfectly comfortable with walking in silence.  Something I always consider as a sign of good friendship. 

I lucked out with companions.  Hopefully this streak will last.

P.S.  Sorry there are no pictures this week.  The computers have been possessed by Satan and won't let me upload any.


  1. You are officially MTC validated! You have your very own lavatory story. The tradition is bathroom photos but you have class enough not to do that and smarts enough to have a bathroom rescue story. That is part of being a "firstborn", you have a take charge personality. You will be so awesome in the mission field. Is your companion going to the same mission you are? Love you!

  2. These posts are the highlight of my week.