Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ninos Pequenitos

We baptized Nicolas this Saturday.  He's a studly little ten year old who is the son of less actives (but we reactivated his mom!).  Hna. Bautista and Hna. Hatch discovered him when looking through the list of less active members.  From there on it was a pretty easy ride.  His mom was really excited for his baptism and he quickly learned everything. 
Nicolas Baptism!

Fun facts about Nicolas: 

  • He LOVES futbol (aka soccer)
  • He is also a pro at Tae Kuan Do  ....or however you spell it.
  • His little brother Max has an adorable head full of curls and loves to dance to Elvis songs.
  • His baby brother has a head the size of a cantaloupe.
  • And when he was confirmed on Sunday the bishop said that he would serve a full time mission someday.  

There is not much else to say for Nicolas.  There weren't any commandment problems to deal with or disputes about gospel doctrine.  It just goes to show that children really are more understanding and in tune with the spirit.  Why cant everyone be like a little child?

 But in other news.... I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN TODAY!!!!  The pictures don't make it look like it was very steep.... but trust me, it was.  Oh, and I'd like to send a shout out to the mom of Elder. Morgan!

Yeah for P-Day!


  1. Hermana Lance, thanks for the shout out! Elder Morgan said I could stalk your blog since he forgot his camera!! Love the pictures - looks like a great time! Not sure if you are keeping your blog or if it's a family member... if interested we have a Facebook page with moms/families of the kids serving, it's been a great place to share! Feel free to email me and I'll send an invite to the page! :D sherry@bknight.com

  2. Hola, que tal? Climbing mountains and tossing tires looks like a great way to reverse gears for a few hours. The photos remind me of your Uncle Quinn. While in southern Utah on his mission the elders would go up into the mountains with a catapult machine and heave heavy rocks off the mountains. What is it about boys and throwing things?! Congratulations on your Pequeno niño Nicolas. You have saved a family.