Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Que Significa Lider Capacitadora

Some of you might be wondering, "What happened to Hna. Lance's blog posts?  They used to be so long and delightfully filled with detail." Well, to find out the answer, let's have a flashback moment to the transfers of April 14th.

We are all siting in the chapel of Paraíso listening to President Carreon spout out the new companionships and transfers.  Hna. Bautista's name is called.  Who's her companion?  Why it's Hna. Lance!  I stand up and move to give her a hug and sit down together.  But what is this that the President is calling out?  Hna. Lance ha subido como lider capacitadora?!?!!!   I honestly wasnt quite sure if I heard him right or not.  I had to ask several other Hermanas afterwards just to make sure.  But yeah, it's true.  Hna. Lance is the first American Lider Capacitadora in la Mision Mexico Tijuana.

Now that you have stopped gaping at the computer screen, let me explain what this means.
For those RMs who served missions before the age change, you wont be familiar with the term Lider Capacitadora, or in English, Sister Training Leader.  It is a recent development due to the giant flood of sister missionaries.  The Elders can't handle us all, so they had to make up some new callings. 

In little words, a sister training leader basicamente is the sister version of a District Leader or Zone leader.  We are in charge of making sure that all the sisters in our area are being good missionaries, obeying the rules, teaching well, and what not.  So to make that happen we have mission wide meetings we go to every month where we discuss how the mission is doing and how we can make it better.  Then, every week we have intercambios, or exchanges, with the sisters in our area.  Which means that I pack a backpack full of overnight stuff, switch companions, and spend a day in the other sister's area.  Watching how they work, helping them with their investigators, problems they might be having in the area, and give them an example in how to do it all.  Then I return back to my area the next day.

But what does this have to do with Monday emails?  Well, every Monday, in my hour of writing time, I have to also write the President about the exchanges I had during the week, how the sisters are doing, what goals we made to mejorar (be better), etc.  That generally cuts down my emailing time in half or more.  So consider this my warning post for future... shorter post.  Sorry, but there's work to be done! 


  1. What an impressive sister you are!

  2. I am not surprised one whit. You have so much to share as a teacher, a leader, and a friend that it was common sense that you should lead the way. Your Spanish will be polished, your familiarity of the whole Mission geography will be enhanced, and your love for The Lord and his servants will be strengthened. Everybody is a winner,and we blog readers will just be patient. Our priorities, like yours, are focused on the Mission. You are always, always in my daily prayers. Love you Hermana!!!