Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Feliz Navidad

And a Happy New Year!!!

So here in Mexico the big day for holiday festivities is Cristmas Eve.  Thats when everyone eats and the fiestas happen.  To put it plainly, Christmas day is more of a hangover  day.  How quaint.  Anyways, X-Mas Eve we had meal after meal after meal.  But the highlight of the day for me...besides skyping with my family, was eating with Presidente Carreon y su familia.  It had a very homey feel, was deliectable, other Elders that spoke english were there!!!  

Im afraid I cant write anymore so I will try to make up for it in photos.  

This work is awesome!!!  And just think, if I like it this much when I cant even speak the language, imagine what it will be like when I can!!!!
Loving the work.
Eden and her missionary roommates.
Christmas Eve with Presidente Carreon and Zone Missionaries

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  1. Felix Navidad! A whole new, exciting, and wonderful year lies ahead of you. You will help to change lives for the better, including your own life. You are already almost two months into your mission and the rest will slide quickly away. Make every day count and I will make every day full of prayers for you and your companion. Ole! Hermana, ole!