Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hermana Pacheco

Neat thing about my birthday is that it fell on my mission Hump day as well as a P-day.  Talk about three birds with one stone.  Anyways, a slightly embarrassing tradition that the sister missionaries have here is that at the 9 month mark of the mish (or halfway point) they take a "pregnancy shot".  It's slightly clever, but more than slightly awkward.  Now don't start scrolling down to try and find my pregnancy shot because it's not there.  I was saved from taking this possible blackmail picture by actually giving birth to my first daughter!  Yep, at nine months I started training Hna. Pacheco.  Pretty cool how the timing works out.  At the same time, my trainer, Hna. Torres, gave birth a second time.  So I have a sister and Hna. Torres has a nieta!  We took a cute little family photo together.
Hermana Torres' Companion, Hermana Torres, Hermana Lance and Hermana Pacheco

So my time is short, but here are a couple fun facts about my tranie:

19 years old. Birthday: primero de Diciembre 
Hermana Pacheco
Is from Oaxaca Mexico
Has no idea how to ride a bike.
She joined the church with her younger brothers when she turned 12 years old.
Her parents aren't members, but since she's been out in the mish they have started attending church.
She drinks more milk than a baby calf
Eats more bananas than King Kong
And if she had a choice, she would eat frosted flakes all day e're day
She carries a small hand towel in her bag to wipe of the sweat from the heat.

Tired in her first week.

Tijuana Temple being built.


  1. Mamacita! Felicdades. You have such a lovely new daughter who seems eager to keep up with you (almost an impossibility). It is a lovely way to begin the second nine months of saving souls. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. What a cute girl Hmna Pacheco is a cute girl. And I didn't know cows drink milk. Also that temple is GORGEOUS!