Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Star Cab

This life is New York City, New York.  The Big Apple.  

There are lots of people, all going to different places, doing different things, different choices, clothes, hair, habits, jobs, words, beliefs, etc...  Some only focused on work, others on the disco clubs.  Some have a lot, others have a little.

The church is like a Taxi.

There are lots of different taxis, and different drivers.  Some pass by the Statue of Liberty, and others by Yankee Stadium.  Depending on where you want to go, you choose your cab. Out of all the different taxis to choose from, only a certain company will take you home.  Pass by your house and drop you off with a friendly wave. 

What so many people don´t understand is that the gospel works the same way.  There are lots of good churches.  All talk about God, how He loves us, that we should have faith, serve others, be good people.  But not every taxi has the same route.  Even though a church is good, doesn´t mean it will drive you to the golden gates.

We need the right taxi.  We need the power of God, His authority, the priesthood.  Not every chauffeur has that. And after spending a good chunk of time trying to convince some stubborn headed Mexicans this very fact, I´m even more sure that it´s true. 

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  1. BLESS YOUR HEART! I love this analogy. Can I use it?! It is brilliant and easy to relate to. A taxi. Brilliant.