Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mis Compañeras

The parable of the talents is pretty straight forward (Matthew. 25:14-30).  If you practice and use the talents you have been given, you will develop them and find more along the way.  While on the other hand, if you sit around like a lump on a log, you won't get any better...  obvio.  In fact, you can loose that very talent you were first given.  

Considering myself a Jack...(or Jane?) of all trades, dabbling a little in everything, keeping the little talent I've got while pursuing others is quite important to me.  So while I was out learning Spanish,  preaching the good word, and acquiring Mexican tastebuds, I wanted to make sure my creative fingertips could still do their thing after 18 months time.  Therefore, I made a goal to keep a sketchbook throughout my mission... something quite difficult to do when every moment of your day is planned out.  But I managed to knock out a few sketches every now and then, especially of my companions.  I place them before you now for your viewing pleasure.

1 comment:

  1. Your sketches are like photographs. You can see the personality of each Hermana and their joy in their missions radiates from their eyes. Your talent is not small. Keep sharing.