Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Por Fin

There is some news to be shared.  

First, MY SISTER IS GOING TO THE CHILE CONCEPCION MISSION!!!!  I know everyone and their dog knew that before me, but as a missionary, and as the big sister of a future missionary, I have a right to make my own announcement.

Second, I am no longer in training anymore.  We had transfers today and while I will be staying the the same area, I have a new compañera. No more excuses for not knowing anything.  I am a legit missionary now.... what have I been for the past four months I dont know haha

Third, as though to signify my leaving training-hood and becoming a real missionary, I have now experienced what every missionary needs to serve properly.  I have been bit by a dog.  The right of passage is complete.  

Now to get to the really good stuff.  BAPTISMS!!!!!

We had two baptisms this week.  First I will talk about about Miguel.  His story is short and sweet, how I would like them all to be.  He was a contact of the other set of missionaries in our ward.  We stopped by his house one night (after half an hour of searching for it) but because it was late we could only set up another time for us to stop by the next week.  But ever since then it was smooth sailing.  We would teach and he would listen and accept everything which was good because we basically have to walk up a mountain to get to his house each day.  But that was something that grabbed his attention.  That these two girls who hardly knew him were willing to walk in the heat very far and hard to to be able to teach him about the gospel.  It was so worth it.  And after overcoming the little obstacle of drinking coffee, he was baptized five weeks latter.  ONE MORE FOR THE KINGDOM!

Baptism of Gaby and Miguel
Now for Gaby.  She was a headache to handle.  We started to teacher when I first arrived here in Mexico... 3 months ago.  She was always very accepting of everything we taught.  Her husband had died 5 years before and as we taught the Plan of Salvation she said that she had known a long time ago that her husband was just fine.  She KNEW it all and said that she wanted to get baptized, but she would never agree to a date. Her 12 year old son was even a member. Talk about frustrating!!!!  And then, to add to the irony, when we finally were able to get her to start going to church, we were never able to see here again.  For the past two months she has never missed a Sunday at church, but as much as we tried to get appointments with her to teach, she was either too busy or wasnt there when we stopped by.  And she is our neighbor!  You would think it would be easy to meet with her.  But no.  

Gaby and her son
Finally, about two weeks ago, we were able to meet with her again.  But we never taught a lesson.  She just let out a lot of stuff that she had been keeping for awhile.  Stuff about her late husband, raising her children, work, everything.  So we just counseled her and at the end, when it was getting time to leave I felt that we should ask her to be baptized again.  We had asked her so many times before, I just thought, what could it hurt?  So as Hna. Torres was packing up her stuff to leave, I asked Gaby, once more, if she would be baptized.  She said yes.... but she always says yes.  So I warily attempted to set a date for the 22 of Marzo, thinking that she would want the extra time and that if we pushed for sooner she would shy away again.  But in response she paused a moment... and said,  yes, but I heard there was going to be a baptismal service next Friday.  Right?    

We were shocked.  Was she saying yes?  We jumped on that and told her that she was more than welcome to be baptized then if she wanted....OF COURSE!  She certainly had enough sacrament meeting attendances to make it work.  As soon as we were out of sight and hearing of her house, we began running, jumping, dancing, laughing for joy.  After 3 months Gaby had accepted a date!!!  POR FIN!!!!  And so last friday she and our dear Miguel were baptized.  I still cant believe that it happened

Just Two Hermanas doing their Thang.

Hermana Torres and I really love food!

Last P-Day with Hermana Torres
Last P-Day with Hermana Torres

My entire Zone.
A crazy Elder from the Zone.

Hermana Torres and my room.

Me and my apartment roomates with our matching blazers.

Well I am out of time and have to go.  Thank you all for your prayers.  I will write again next week!


  1. More fun missionary stories from our favorite Hermana! Love it all.

  2. Well, you are a proper Missionary now. You even have your own dog story. And, you have two happier people in your town, Gaby and Miguel. AND, you have your baby sister going into a Spanish-speaking mission, too. Life is good for you. All the enclosed photos show a very healthy and happy group of missionaries and right in the middle is Hermana Lance. You look more beautiful now than ever which tells your old grandma that you are being blessed and protected, strengthened and sanctified, challenged and encouraged. I am so happy for you. Love you forever.