Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Day in The Life

Because the manner of mission work is a little different in Mexico then in the good ole U.S. of A. Ive been asked a lot what our daily schedule is like.  I will tell ya right now, no day is like the other.  But I will try to give you a glimpse into what its like.

6:30 to 8 am:  Wake up, exercise, get ready, and eat breakfast.
8 to 9: Personal Study
9 to 10: Companionship study
Now here it gets tricky.  Depending on the day, we either have District Meetings, weekly planning, or some other reunion to go to.  But if there isnt anything else planned, and because Im still a tranie, we have an hour of entrenemiento followed by another hour of language study.  So usually we dont get to leave the house and teach until 12 in the afternoon.

From 12 to 8 pm we are out teaching.... except for 2 pm.  Thats when we go to members homes to eat.  Everyday a member signs up to feed us.  Its awesome how willing everybody is to just give us food.  Sometimes so much that I feel like Im going to explode.

But back to teaching.  Usually we try to have as many appointments as possible to fill the day because we cant fill up hours tracting.  But here is a fun fact about the Mexican culture.  Making an appointment with someone does not mean you have an appointment with them.  It means, sure, you can pass by around that time and if I am here we can have a chat...but no promises.   It is soooooo frustrating.  Everything we do depends on other people, no matter how hard we work.  We might have walked half way across the city to get to their house and then find out they arent there.  In this manner, a lot of our time gets eaten up with walking from place to place and waiting for people who are late and so on.  But the lessons with progressing investigators make it all worth it.  They never let us down.  They want to be there, they dont want to miss what we have to say, and I always walk away from those lessons with a big smile on my face.

So to answer another question I was asked, the amount we teach each day totally depends on other people.  On the members, investigatores, contacts.  We just do our best to be there on time and ready.  So each day differs.  It is very clear that we are not in control.  He is.

Because we live in Tijuana... and it is a tad sketchy at night,  us Hermanas have to be back in our apartments at 8 pm.  Then we plan and PRAY for the next day and go to bed at 10:30.

In two weeks we will have transfers again.  I will have a new companion and wont be training anymore so we will have to see how the schedule changes.  I will be sure to keep you updated.  But now when you are sitting at home with your bowl of ice cream watching Once Upon a Time  9 at night... you can imagine what Im doing :)

Oh!  P.S.  I have now learned what everyone who ever goes to Mexico needs to learn.  How to make legit tortillas!  We learned from one of the sisters in the ward last Monday.  Enjoy the pictures!!



  1. Your packed days, as fluid as the afternoons are, illustrate how unproductive my days are. You are learning something new and useful every minute. The time you spend in scripture study every morning will turn you into a scriptoria for the rest of your mortal days. Talk about being armed against the adversary! And seeing your face with your famous grin makes my heart sing. Love the photos, love the Hermanas, love you.