Monday, February 24, 2014


Nothing out of the norm has happened this week to talk about.  Some investigators are doing fantastic.... others not so much.  The usual.  So I figured I would answer more from the extremely long list of questions I have been asked.

Q: Is the rule of working with members only for Tijuana or all the Mission?
A:  It is the whole mission.  Actually, it is the rule for all of Mexico.  Wowzers right?  We arent allowed to knock on any doors unless they are a reference from a member.  It really is the ideal way to do mission work because if the investigator is a member reference, then they already have a friend to guide them in the church and someone to join in the missionary discussions.  The only problem is that as missionaries, we are entirely dependent on the members to get new investigators and only a handful of members have the desire for mission work.  Every lesson we have with a member we ask for referencias and everyone claims that they dont know anyone.  It can be frustrating, especially when appointments fall through and we cant go tracting to find new people.  But those few members that have that flame, and want all of their friends to hear of the gospel and love joining us in lessons with investigators, they make our days great.  I cant stress enough to you folks back home how important members are in mission work.  Everything works 100 percent better when members help with references and lessons.  Plus, when you do that, you become the missionaries favorite people... and you know there has got to be blessing that come from that. 

Q: Are the wards big?
A:  Just like the US it depends where you are.  Some areas are just branches, but most of the wards in the Tijuana city area are average sized.  And if we could get all the less actives to reactivate they could be twice their size.

Turns out I didnt have as much time as I thought to answer more questions, but I promise I will get to them!

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  1. Our ward here is pretty good about member referrals. A few months ago we had an adult baptism and he is great. He is an older gent (younger than I am) who only speaks French. To give him service opportunities in our ward the Bishop has him bless the Sacrament with a French-speaking RM sitting right next to him. It is thrilling to hear his low, slow voice intoning the well-known sacramental prayers in French. He brings great richness to our ward which we would not have if it were not for our missionary members sharing the Gospel. Your testimony is inspired. Love you!!