Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Exclusive Interview

Nothing fancy has happened this week... except for mission work.  That is always awesome.  So I just thought I would answer some more questions that I have been getting.

Q: Have you been able to see the ocean?
A: Sadly no.  But at night I can see the lights of San Diego.  Sweet sweet America.

Q:  Do you prefer snail mail or email?
A:  I am a lover of both.  Its so great to be able to log on each week and find so many letters to read and it is  perfect to get information to me fast.  However, I am a little bit old fashioned too.  Nothing beats a handwritten letter.  Especially the surprise of getting one at District meetings.  The only downside is that it takes awhile for them to reach me.  Two weeks mas o menos.  So if you need to let me know something fast or need a response fast.  Email.  If not,  and you have legible handwriting, I would love a handwritten note too!

Q:  How do you like the candy?
A:  For those unfamiliar with Mexican culture, here is a fun fact for you:  They eat chili with everything.  Burritos, tacos, enchiladas, hamburgers, hot dogs, hot chocolate, potato chips, the list goes on.  And yes, it includes candy as well.  Every type of hard candy is coated in chili powder.  It is... interesting.  Ive tried it a few times and it is no doubt something you have to get used to.  Usually after what seems like and hour of sucking on fire, you hit the sweet fruity center.  By the end of my mission I will be addicted to them and forcing them down my younger siblings throats.  Consider yourselves warned. 

Q:  Is it dangerous?
A:  Its aight.  They take really good care of the sisters in this mission.  There are only a few cities that we are sent to and they are all close the the mission home so that if anything happens to us the mission president can get to us as soon as possible.  Also, in parts of the city that are un poco mas peligroso, it is a rule for the sisters to go back to their apartments at eight instead of nine.  
For those have been concerned about my welfare, thank you so much but dont fret.  Im doing just fine.  I never feel like Im in any danger.  And for those who havent cared a smidge about me..... I will pray for you.

here are some random pictures of the beautiful city I am in.... and what I like to do in my free time.... missionarys arent as wise as you think we are :)
My 1st District in Tijuana
Tijuana at sunset

"Hola Senor"
( Eden's companion in the background says, "Huh, Hermana, can we continue with our companion study now?")


  1. I sooooo much enjoy your sense of humor and your terrific writing talent. Don't worry, I care for you more than a smidge :)!!!!!! Every single one of my daily prayers include gratitude for you and a petition for the safety and added strength for you and your companion. You are my shining star. I am soooo thrilled that you are loving your mission and that you are working hard bringing sunshine and happiness to all you meet.

  2. Your companion's face is the best. Beautiful.