Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Double stuffed conversion

Ive been in Mexico for over a month now, supposedly doing mission work, yet I havent mentioned anything about our investigatores.  For all you know, I could have been down here for the past few weeks spending everyday eating tortillas and enchiladas.  Well I am proud to set the record straight and let you know that I have been working.  And to prove it, I will now introduce to you my first baptisms!!!!!

We had our first lesson with Claudia and Susana Montes my third day in Mexico.  They were a reference from their brother who has been a member for a few years now.  He has always tried to get them to take the missionary lessons but they have never been interested.  However, a week before I arrived they attended a Christmas concert put on by the missionaries, felt the Spirit, and decided that they wanted to know more.  
It has been so neat to be able to see every step of their progression, from lesson one and the First Vision, to attending church, and that lovely moment talking about the Law of Chastity.  They have been so accepting of it all, it made me wonder a few times if they really were gaining testimonies or just said yes to things to make us happy.  But we had their baptisms last Saturday and let me tell you, we had lots of apprehensions about how everything would work out.  One of the obstacles was finding white clothes that would fit them (they have a lot of personality and therefore need a lot of... body to keep it all contained).  But everything at the baptism went smoothly.  The Spirit was strong, and I could see tears in their eyes.  The best part was hearing Claudias closing prayer.  It was so plain, but very sincere and just PERFECT!!  And hearing their thoughts on how they felt afterwards just made my week... which actually was horrible lesson wise.

Hermana Torres, Claudia, Susana, and me.
Montes' siblings

They are the kindest most friendly ladies ever.  Every time we visit they give us food, health tips, presents for Christmas.  We really are their friends... actually, more like daughters.  I especially love them for how they have treated me and my language handicap.  When I teach they focus on what im trying to say instead of how I sound.  If I make a mistake they lovingly help me correct it and we continue with the lesson.  
We always joke around with them, even with my messed up Spanish, but its still fun.  One of their favorite things to tease me about (especially after teaching the law of chastity) is that right after my mission I will go to Spain or Paris and get married quick as lighting... I dont fully understand what makes them think that but I roll with the punches. 

People keep congratulating me on my first baptisms,but they dont feel like mine at all.  Well, they werent.  I was just lucky enough to be alongside them and watch the process.  And I am so excited to continue to see them grow and learn in the church.  

The work is moving forward people.  Its exciting, its hard, its love.  Do what you can to help it and I promise you will see the blessings come.

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  1. I am another one who is going to congratulate you on your first conversion/baptism. I congratulate you for being blessed enough to experience this wonderful thing so early in your mission. It is a powerful incentive to see the Spirit light up someone's life. Keep up the great smile and the sweet testimony. Love seeing your beautiful face.