Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spiritual Tan Lines

Time for a question answer session...
Q:  How do you feel about walking around?
A:  I love it.  Tijuana is very beautiful in its our special way and I love getting to walk around and see the colorful houses covering the mountains, tennishoes hanging from telephone wires, and even the graffeti covering the walls.  Not to mention all the taco stands we get to pass by and smell (one of which I got to try last week.  TAN RICO!!).  I´m glad we are a walking mission, but it does get frustrating when we walk muy lejos for a lesson to find that no one is home.  That´s when Heavenly Father sends us a stunning sunset to keep us company as we continue to another appointment.  I´m proud to say that due to all the walking in the sun I am officially a real missionary now.  Tan lines included.  My companion complains about getting a tan line from the straps on her shoes but I´m all for it!  Bring it on!  I was so happy the other day when I took off my shoes and washed my feet to find that the lines weren´t from dirt and dust but my actual skin. I´m ligit now!
Q:  How is the language coming?
A:  Slowly.  But in this manner my patience is improving.  It´s still very frustrating when I can´t say exactly what I want, but I accept it now.  I can understand most of what I hear, or depending on the speed of talking, follow the general topic.  I´m really good at pretending to laugh at the appropriate times when everyone else understands the joke but me...  It´s much more difficult for me to talk.  I know a decent amount of vocabulary but grammar kills me.  The order of words is always changing and don´t even get me started on conjugating verbs.  In the next life I´m going to search out whoever it was that thought it would be a fun idea to make six different ways to say one word... and then another six for past tense and so on... and when I meet them I´m going to give them a piece of my mortal mind.  And then we´ll hug it out and I´ll forgive them with my immortal heart.  But seriously, it´s ridiculous.
Q:  Do you like the food... is it too spicy?
A:  I love the food, and the food I don´t love I´m trying to slowly get accustomed to it.  There are a couple of drinks that are sort of funky and were tough to force down the first time.  But each additional sip gets better.  Everyone is pretty good at not giving me too much spice.  They bring out two types of salsa.  The usual for my companion and a baby version especially for the American.  But that doesn´t stop me from trying it.  After all, chili makes you speak better Spanish right? 
I was never a big fan of Mexican food in the U.S. but now I realize that that was because it wasn´t real Mexican food.  The stuff down here is much better.  Tacos are HEAVEN!  And don´t even get me started on enchiladas.  Hermana Torres and I have a long list of all the places we´ve passed by that we´ve smelled and have to try.  The only problem is that they have no portion control. 

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  1. I really like your blogging formats. Each week you approach your mission report in a different and delightful way. Questions and Answers....brilliant! I have a question for you. In what kind of housing are you? What about hair dryers, curling irons, bagels for breakfast?? I love the visual picture of flaming sunsets and suntanned feet, not to mention the talent in your eyes to see everything in poetic shadings. Love you Hermana!