Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ernesto's Baptism

We completed a family this weekend.  That's a good feeling.

We've been teaching Ernesto since I arrived here in Fuentes.  His family life was kind of crazy. His wife was a less active, his 9 year old son had been baptized several weeks before, and they all still lived in his mom's house who was the only other member, everyone else being completely uninterested in listening about the gospel.  So there was a lot of hesitation on his part. But he wanted to do what was right for his son so he listened to us and started to change some icky stuff in his life to follow the commandments.  It was still quite a slow process.  We had to clean up a lot of loose ends.  He baptismal date was pushed back several times, his mom left for the U.S. for a month, and his wife was talking about divorce.  Yikes.

But faith works.  Faith, prayer, and fasting.  This past week was a week of miracles.  Ernesto's less active wife, Arecely, finally found a different job that would allow her to go to church on Sundays, his mom returned back from her vacation in the States, and everything started to fall into place for his baptism on Saturday....  But Thursday came and he said that he didn't feel the desire to be baptized like he thought he should feel.  He knew it was a good thing to do, and necessary, but he didn't feel a desire to do so.....  so we fasted some more, having made a deal with him that if he went through with the baptismal interview Friday, by Saturday he would feel the desire he wanted.  

Saturday morning we called Ernesto.  AND HE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!

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  1. Hermana Lance and Hermana Bautista are true miracle workers. A whole family! Now, if they will just be sealed in a year's time a whole generation will be saved. How glorious is that! Wonderful news Hermanas, keep it up.