Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Open for Buisness

I'm suffering a culture shock. Ensenada is just so,.... nice.  Paved streets, stoplights, trimmed neighborhoods, toilets that work.  I don't know what to do with myself!  Not to mention that everything is as flat as an ironing board.  What happened to my lose-weight-quick hills?!

I guess I'll just adjust.

Hermana Miramontes
My first week out of Tijuana has been an interesting one.  I got here last Monday to find out that we didn't have a house to live in.  That was a delightful surprise.  Due to some security issues, the sisters in the transfer before me had to leave their old house and start looking for a new one.  So for the past month (and my first week here) they/we have been living in the house of a sister in our ward, Hna. Miramontes.  I swear, if my mom aged another 10 years and loosed a few screws in the cranium, she would be this lady.  Super kind, but rather crazy, so we get along great.  She has a daughter out in the mission as well so she is always curious to know how we are doing and what's the latest "gossip" of our investigators.  Anyways, that has been our housing situation for the past week, living out of our suitcases until they tell us when we will have our own house again..... which happened today.  Por fin they found us our very own little house and, with the help of the priesthood brethren, we moved everything in.  There is a lot of organization needed,.. and a boiler for a warm shower, but it's got the essentials.  Cold water wakes you up faster anyways.

Other fun fact about Azteca.  One transfer ago, my companion (Hna. Aviles) and her old companion were sent here to open the area.  But not only were they on a house hunt all of last transfer, but for the last three weeks the other sister was stuck in bed due to a fractured ankle.  So last Monday, the mission pulled her out and sent me in.  We are starting from zeros.  My comp barely knows the area and a few of the investigators and members who live close by.  It's been an adventure fo'sho'.  But although it has been a little stressful getting everything up and running, those of you who know me wouldn't be surprised to hear that I secretly like the challenge/responsibility.  It's been incredible to see the miracles that have happened in just this past week.  Our footsteps have literally been guided by the Lord.  Of that I have no doubt.  There is no other way that we could be randomly walking down streets, not quite sure we were and with no secure plans for several hours, and find lost sheep in our path.  It's going to be a lot of hard work, but if I'm meant to stay here for the last 4 months of my mission, I'm making those months count.
Azteca is about to get a face-lift.


  1. Yay Hermana Eden! You can accomplish so much more with a happy smile and a hearty handshake. Your can-do attitude and Never-say-die determination will always bring you success and joy. Love you Sweet Missionary.

  2. Nice to hear you have dependable plumbing!