Friday, January 23, 2015

Si Dios Quiere

In these past two weeks I have come to realize exactly how well my Heavenly Father knows me.  Having accepted the idea of serving all of my mission in Tijuana, being transferred to Ensenada was the last thing that I expected.  I THOUGHT that Tijuana was better for me.  I THOUGHT that was what I wanted.  I THOUGHT that was where I was needed.  I THOUGHT I knew how the last 4 months of my mission would end. But then I arrived here to the Azteca ward.

As I mentioned in my last post, we are unofficially opening the area Azteca.  Starting from scratch.  The first week was rough, but as I mentioned last week, full of tiny milagros.  Second week, also rough, but the milagros continue.  That´s to be expected of course.  But what was not to be expected was how much this ward needs me, and how much I needed this ward.  

Now I´m not trying to claim that  I´m all that and a bag of chips, al contrario, I feel very inadequate as a missionary.  But I have realized in this area more than any other that the Lord really needs certain people at certain times in certain places.  

My companion needed me, someone who walks ridiculously fast (and if necessary, runs) across our gigantic area to get to our lessons on time.  Needed someone who has 14 months worth of ideas to find, teach, and animate.  The ward needed someone who knows the rules and isn´t afraid to tell them what they are.  Needed someone who could mas o menos sing, to help reactivate a brother who gives voice lessons for a living. Needed someone who was willing to eat absolutely anything to avoid offending the sisters.

I needed Azteca to start fresh.  I needed a challenge to get my blood running again.  I needed our members to give us support.  I needed to be here and they needed me too.  And Someone knew it the whole time.

I know you're not supposed to think too much about the numbers, and I´ve learned not to.  But I feel like sharing just 2 will help demonstrate my thoughts.  Last week we had just 2 investigators join us at church.  Yesterday we had 7, and all with a date to be baptized. Dios quiere.


  1. You are the most energetic, fun-loving, spiritually shiny, and courageous girl EVER, and always have been. You Are A Wonderful Missionary! You walk in the shadow of the Holy Spirit and the Lord blesses your efforts. Hug your investigators for me (spiritually, of course).