Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hermana Maldonado

Three weeks ago we had transfers and I got a lovely new compañera named Hermana Maldonado.  I believe it is about time for me to talk a little bit about her.

Unlike my trainer, Hermana Maldonado is pure Mexican.  She doesnt know much English so obviously we only speak Spanish together which has helped me progress in the language.  However, she LOVES the English language. She says that it sounds so elegant to her..... she clearly hasnt ever been to Detroit... or the south.  Her music is all English EFY songs and MoTab and she often talks about how much she wants to learn English... to which I respond by only speaking English for the next 5 minutes ha ha.

Although she has never been there, she loves America.  The music, chocolate, places.  Her sueno is to be married in the San Diego Temple to a tall American lad.  I have been commissioned to find her future spouse at BYU when I return home from my mission.

We both LOVE cars.  Old and new.

We are addicted to Pïcas Fresas.  What are Picas Fresas?  A Mexican candy that is covered in chili.  Yeah, it happened people.  I have been converted to the chili candy.

She is my second companion who has an identical twin.

She is 21 and halfway through her mission.

Her favorite quote is  Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and WORK.

She is exactly a head shorter than me.  The difference between the length of our legs is quite hilarious. When she cant reach the cereal she wants I grab it for her.  We actually make a cute looking couple. 

She is always laughing, joking around, and has a smile on her face.  Its great.  People often comment on how we, as a companionship, talk with such gozo about what we are teaching.  She knows how to get people to feel comfortable and laugh.

Well thats about all I have time for to write.  She is great.  We work well together and we have helped each other grow.

2nd Companion - Hermana Maldonado

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  1. Hermana Maldonado sounds like a lovely companion and a fun friend. If she likes everything "American" then she certainly is having fun with you, Miss NewYork/NewJersey/Wyoming/North Carolina/Arkansas/Kentucky/Michigan/Utah. Have I missed any of the states you lived in? You are more "American" than most people. Enjoy that chili candy for me. Love you!