Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Struck Gold

Out here in the "mish" we dont have much to talk about except for our investigatores.  So whenever we have a moment to chat, we tend to swap stories about contacts, converts, and all the crazys we meet.  Often the subject of the Chosen Ones comes up and missionaries begin to share the stories of how they found (or were found by) people that were highly prepared by Heavenly Father to hear the gospel.

Josefa is a chosen one.

A little over 4 weeks ago Hna. Torres and I were a little desperate for investigatores.  So we decided to take a stroll through the area book and reanalyze some of the former investigatores from the long forgotten past.  There is where we found the old teaching record of Josefa.  Really, she wasnt even an investigator, just a contact.  But they had written a note that they couldnt continue to teach her because she was leaving for a vacation in Porto Rico and to check back with her in about 3 months.  Well, it had been three months, and she lived close by, so we decided to check it out and see if she was still interested. 

Yeah, she was interested.  She told us in the first lesson that she had been searching for years for the truth.  She had realized on her own that the beliefs of other religions were confusing and didnt make sense.  She told us that she was willing to do absolutely anything that God wanted her to do if she knew that it was, in fact, from Him.  Accepted eagerly baptism...with the condition that we would come back to teach her more.  Claro que si!  

From there on out it was easy sailing.  We came, we taught, she listened eagerly and accepted todo.  She had a scripture case with a religious text of a different church and as soon as we gave her a Book of Mormon she took out the other book and replaced it with the BOM, un himnario, and all of the pamphlets we had given her.  Her prayers were music to the ears.  She went to the Relief Society General Conference and ALL sessions of General Conference last weekend.  Not to mention invited all of her family and friends to her baptism.  

She refers to us as her Angelitas hermanitas.  One day we went to visit her and she had made us a full dinner, not knowing any other manner to thank us for everything we had done for her.  She is constantly giving us old clothes of her grandchildren or lip gloss and other knickknacks.  And is currently making Hna. Maldonado and I skirts.  She is a chosen one.  She keeps trying to figure out different ways to thank us.... but really we are the ones who are grateful just to have known her and teach her.

I could say so much more about this wonderful lady, but my time is up.  Just know that I have now had the privilege of teaching an angel.

Josefa "The Golden Investigator"

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  1. Josefa is a missionary's dream, as you well know. So wonderful that you two were the ones who got to teach her and watch her blossom. You will remember her all the days of your life as she will remember you. Keep up the inspired work. Love you muchos, muchos.