Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back in the U.S. of A.

Okay, now before you freak out about the title let me give some background information.   No, I have not been deported.  No, I wasnt sent home.  On the contrary, I got to replenish my tank of spirituality.  About twoish weeks ago, with my handy-dandy passport and visa, I was able to go to the San Diego Temple.  I would have written about it sooner but there were more facinating things to write about like baptizms and Easter.  So I've been holding it in reserve to stun and amaze all.

Barrio Paraiso was having a temple trip that weekend for all the members that had visas.  Hna. Olsen and I had never been to the San Diego Temple and were talking about how much we would love to go when Hna. Diaz (compañera de Hna. Olsen) suggested that we have intercambios that day.  So we called up the president (he's on speed dial) asked for permission, he said yes, found us a family to take us over, and BOOM!  Temple trip for the Sister missionaries!  

So that Saturday morning (April 12) we jumped in a van full of youth and headed toward the border.  Although it is quite odd to think how close we really are to America, it certainly is a blessing in shortening transportation hours.  Hna. Olsen and I were giddy with the thought that once again we were going to be in our homeland.  And once we crossed and saw all the signs written in English, our brains did backflips.   

I don't have any more time to write, but all in all it was a beautiful day.  And now the San Diego Temple is officially one of my favorites
San Diego Temple


  1. It's so much fun to see pictures of all your beautiful young missionaries!

  2. Look at you beautiful Hermanas refilling your spiritual cups at the Temple. Won't it be terrific when you can do that at the upcoming Tijuana Temple?! You are so blessed to have the best of both worlds. Keep smiling....all of you.

  3. Isn't it such a beautiful temple? I am so happy for you.