Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ninas Pequenitas

One lunes, exactly 5 weeks ago, I mentioned a lovely family that we found and began teaching.  La familia Paz Gomez.  For the past month this family has been my pride and joy as well as my tears and sorrows.  One Sunday night, dark and chilly, Hna. Cabrera and I were walking around with our Ward Mission Leader.  Our appointment wasn't home so we went to plan B.... who wasn't home either.  However, the son of our investigator, cigarette in hand and mumbling into his scarf, kindly helped us schedule another appointment to stop by.  After which, our mission leader asked him for a reference of anybody that could benefit from our message or that has had problems recently in their life or family.  We pulled out of him the name of Miguel, his neighbor. With a Muchas gracias, que tenga bonita noche, we moved over to Miguel's house.  It was dark, the lights were out, and seemed like nobody was home, but with a voice like thunder Hno. Chava (the ward mission leader) yelled out for Miguel.  A window opened, a head peeked through, a voice called out  'Hay voy!'   And we waited.  In 2 minutes Miguel came down, we contacted,  and put an appointment for the next day.

Little did I know how much I would come to love this little family.  We haven't been able to baptize Miguel and his 'wife' yet because they aren't married, but their two angel daughters si!  Pray for this family with all you got por favor!

Marlen y Diana and their little sister Joseline.... she wanted to be in a white dress too.


  1. Such beautiful young girls all dressed in white with shining smiles. Truly the handmaidens of the Lord. This is a sweet example of hardworking missionaries persevering through disappointing experiences. Keep up the inspired work. Love you.