Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Time to talk about companion number 7.

  • 23 anos
  • Her family learned about the gospel when she was 1 year old
  • From the Dominican Republic
  • First companion who is taller than me... by a centimeter..
  • LOVES bread.  She'll stick three slices with cheese in between in the microwave, then cover it in mayonnaise and cream.... that's what she considers breakfast.
  • Just completed 4 months in the mission
  • Is studying architecture
  • Has a bad habit of popping her knuckles
  • If I had to describe her personality with one phrase it would be, "A sassy black girl who speaks Spanish"
Our house is freezing!!!

Bundled up for some companionship study time.

Christmas Day Nail!
Hna. Jimenez and I now have a month working together and I've really enjoyed it.  Even though she had just barely finished her training when we became companions she is chalk full of animo and ideas.  Not gonna lie, sometimes we but heads with our different ideas, but we both want whats best for the area, so it always turns out alright.  Shes a good counterpart for me.  I tend to get a little impatient and want to GO! GO! GO! WORK! WORK! WORK! if a bus doesn't show up on time, fine! We'll just start walking!  but she reminds me to take a step back and rationally think things over.  As a team we've seen little miracles and that's what keeps us going, reminds us why we are here.

As for unforgettable experiences together:

Once upon a time, in a testimony meeting (I'm sure you know where this is going).  The priesthood was passing the sacrament, everyone was silent...with the exception of a few baby cries, when a cellphone began to ring.  Quickly, the phone stopped ringing and everyone supposed that the owner turned it off.  Think again!  In the middle of the silent chapel, thoughts turned to the Atonement of the Savior were interrupted with a booming voice, "Bueno?  Estoy en la iglesia.  Hableme en una hora."

Missionaries turned to look at one another.  Several in astonishment, others trying to keep the laughs from bursting out.  In the end, all keeping silent..... just waiting for the services to end and explain things to investigators.

Only in Mexico...

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  1. It is wonderful how you can highlight small moments and turn them into a memorable happenings. Your companion sounds delightful and very smart. You must make a perfect team.