Monday, July 21, 2014

A Divine Connection

Miguel is one cool cat.  

Why is he such a cool cat?  Well, quite simply because he speaks my language.  Literally, he knows a decent amount of English, but mas que eso, he studied Graphic Design, one of the many career fields that art has to offer.  And now he is looking into film directing.  All things creative and imaginative.  My kind of language.

One sunny Sunday Hna. Bautista and I were outside of the stake center, having just left a meeting with all the missionaries in the stake and the ward missionaries.  Hna. Beatriz, our ward missionary, kindly offered us a ride back to our apartment and as we approached her car, we met Miguel, her son, and our ride home.  She introduced us, and although he seemed skeptical about the situation, Miguel accepted an appointment for us to come by the house and teach.  And so it began.

He didn't make it easy.  Due to his work scheduled we could only meet with him Saturday and Sunday nights.  And Miguel is very... pensive.  He thinks deeply about a lot of things, which is great in some ways.  Like when we gave him chapters to read in the Book of Mormon, he almost always read them and  analyzed what they said and how they applied in his life.  But sometimes it caused difficulties, like having to explain to him why it is a resurrection instead of reincarnation.  but it has always been interesting, each lesson we've taught with every question he's had.

What surprised me the most has been his strong desire to find a clean connection with God.  Even before he met us he recognized that there were "laws of the universe" that we needed to follow to have a stronger "Channel" with whatever was this divine being.  That's what he was looking for.  We just had to tell him who He was, what were these leys (*cough*cough* the commandments), and why baptism was important to clear the "channel".   Of course, we didn't know that we were the answer to his internal prayer until after he told us.  It was very special to learn that we could be the tools that Heavenly Father used to help Miguel.
Miguel and Family

Miguel's Baptism

I love my job.

Oh, did I mention the fiesta we had after Miguel's baptism?  It was awesome! We had a chocolate fountain and brincolin just for us!!!  That's right, a bouncy house just for the elders, hermanas,  Miguel, and his brother Roberto.  I never thought that I would have so much fun in a bouncy house with a bunch of 20-30 year olds.  Not only did we jump, but believe it or not, we even played duck duck goose in there.  Quite fun really.  I highly recommend it for those of 20 year or older.

Best part of it all,  Hna. Beatriz has been praying for 3 years for her family to join the gospel.  Last October her husband was baptized.  Now Miguel.  All that's left is Roberto and then they have their eternal family. They've now become my family too.    


  1. What a great story! It looks like Eden is working hard and playing hard - that's the best way to live!

  2. Duck, Duck, Goose reminds me of the three oldest Lancelets when they were cute, tiny kids playing the same game. What was once a game of the innocents has now become the celebratory fame of God's Army. Well done Hermana Lance, well done. Miguel sounds like a very thoughtful yet spiritual person. You just did your Father in Heaven a big favor.