Monday, July 21, 2014

Chariot of Fire

Not this week, but the one before we received a new mission president.  Very much like Elijah, President Carreon and his family left us suddenly in their modern day chariot of fire, and President Garcia received his mantle to guide the Tijuana Mexico Mission.  
Farewell to President and Sister Carreon

It was hard to say good bye. 
Reason #1:  My first area was the ward of the mission president and his family so I got to know them pretty well.  We ate dinner with them Christmas eve and everything.
Reason #2:  He was really fond of my singing voice and often randomly asked me to sing in zone conferences.
Reason #3:  He always knew what to say and had an answer to every question.
Reason #4:  He watched me struggle with, and then overcome the obstacle of learning Spanish.
Reason #5:  As a Hermana.... I couldn't give him a hug goodbye.

There are other reasons why I love and miss President Carreon and his family, but I can't list them all now.  He was my president for nearly half of my mission.  But now President Garcia is here and I'm very excited to see what changes he will bring.

We had un consejo liderazgo last week and I had the opportunity to meet President Garcia and his wife.  One of the first things that he told us was how he acknowledged how President Carreon was like a father to all of us... which is true.  Well, President Garcia is quite a bit older and can't quite be compared to a father for us.  But it's for our benefit he said.... the grandparents always love us better then our parents do. :)  It was quite ironic that he said that actually, because he reminds me a lot of my Grandpa DelHoyo.  That's right, they have the same way of talking, sharing stories, and jokes.  It's kinda awesome.  Oh, and he lived in Detroit, Michigan for several years!  Instant connection with the Mission Prez!

So who know's what's going to happen in these next 10 months.  Changes, that's for sure.  But I like changes.  I like new things.  It will be hard to let go of the old, but that's what memories are for.  Time to turn a page and start writing a new chapter!

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  1. Mission Presidents are the best people on the face of this earth, or any other earth for that matter. And you, Hermana Lance, are one of his most effective tools. Do him proud. Just like you do your Grandpa DelHoyo proud.