Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TJs vs. Mormons

It's funny how the spirit works sometimes.

A little over a month ago Hna. Bautista and I were desperate for investigators.  We had several contacts that we wanted to follow up on but they weren't seguros, so as we were walking away from another rejection Hna. Bautista started talking about a tienda that sat at the end of the street.  Apparently a few days before she had seen a couple of Jehovah Witnesses talking to whoever worked there.  We decided that if they were willing to listen to a couple of TJs (Testigos de Jehova), then they would be happy to listen to us.  So we went over, bought some cookies, and contacted Bryan.  He listened to us, we presented to him the Restoration, and he accepted a second visit.  

We did not baptize Bryan.  He likes learning about other religions, but doesn't have any plans to change his own in the near future.  When we went back for our second lesson, we met his aunt Sonia.  Instantly we hit it off.  She accepted a baptism date in that very first meeting and has agreed to everything that we have said since. 

Sometimes it was hard to tell exactly what Sonia thought about what we taught.  She doesn't express a lot of her emotions.  But when she does, it's always something very special.  She explained that even though she didn't understand all of the Book of Mormon, when she reads it, the way she feels nearly makes her cry.  All she wants to do is obey Dios
Sonia's Baptism

So Saturday
she was baptized.  And It was her birthday too!  Now she has signed up to feed the missionaries every week and brings her little grandson to church every week.  Through her he is learning how to pray and, well, everything!  Even though the rest of her family hasn't  shown an interest in the church, through her changes will happen.  The spirit will grow in her house, and she will touch even more lives.

And all because we felt a little competitive with the TJs.


  1. Apparently TJ's do have a reason for existing. "Baby steps". I love the way you and your companion dress. No shrinking violets, but "in your face", "here we are", attention grabbing colors and prints. You two are in the game. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hermanas vs. TJs....the Spirit wins every time!