Tuesday, July 29, 2014

That one time I got sick in Mexico

I had a really long track record.  For an American gal to come to Mexico, where youre not allowed to drink anything but bottled water, where there are more bugs than people living in your apartment, and where the people eat chili like sugar,  I lasted pretty long without getting sick.  Actually, thats being modest.  Ward members were AMAZED to see how spicy I liked to eat and to hear that I never got sick.  And as far as I know, I lasted the longest out of all of the Americans that came to Tijuana with me.  Okay, I will step down from my Rameumptem now.

But really.  It was impressive.

And then Heavenly Father had to kick me down from my high horse.

About a month ago, Hna. Bautista and I were chillin and sharing a message with Lucy (remember her? The convert).  Now Lucy has a ton of grapes growing in her backyard, and as we were getting ready to leave she cut us a couple clusters off the vine (grapes directly off the vine people, its pretty cool)  and handed them to us to snack on. 

Flash forward an hour or two.  We are in the house of Hna. Lulu to eat lunch.  Remember, lunch for Mexicans is like dinner for Americans in portion size.  And Hna. Lulu in particular likes to give extremely large portions of rice, chicken, and salsa.  Usually I can handle it.  I have also begun to pride myself in my ability to eat any size portion of food that the members give me (and every size is a BIG size).  However, in this moment my stomach had begun to evolve into a tiny Jacuzzi inside of me, hindering my appetite.  Nevertheless, I continued to eat.  Determined not to offend this kind sister by leaving a portion behind...  

It was probably one of the greatest struggles I have had, and will ever have in my life. 

But I did it.  I ate it all (and am now fully confident that I can win one of those pie eating contests at the country fair).  However, I could no longer deny that something wrong was happening inside of my body.  So I went to the bathroom, knowing that something had to come out of me.  Didnt know how it would come out, but I entered that dark and dingy cement bathroom with a firm determination to come out with a "lighter load"...

To Be Continued...


  1. Hermana Eden, you crack me up....!! I am still laughing. WASH THE GRAPES, GIRL!!!!!!!

  2. Cliff hanger. This girl CRACKS me up.